Tuesday, November 15, 2011
I've decided to start blogging again :)

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
I actually finally plucked the courage to visit nuffnang and see my blog viewership and I'm surprised to see that PEOPLE STILL READ THIS BLOG! Omggg hahahah yall have so much faith in me man! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you who is reading this. I was HONESTLY expecting like zero or one view a day or smth, but yes people still visit this humble abode haha. Okay, sorry to disappoint you guys but the truth is this space ain't gonna be very updated yea. If you wanna 'follow' my life then you gotta check out twitter or facebook. Lol. I post little nuggets of my daily happenings there cos it's so much more convenient!

Anyway, I'm up at 4am in the morning, watching the exciting Brazil vs North Korea match. Not cos I stayed up purposely to watch this but because when I finished packing, the match just started. Packing for what, you say? I'm going to South Korea in a few hours!!! I can't believe it. All the plans, failed plans, change in plans, no plan, etc since last year HAS FINALLY COME TRUE and I'm actually GOING to my motherland! LOL. Can't believe it, really. It's like a dream come true AHHHH~

I really hope for two things. That one, North Korea won't decide to stage a war while we're there, and two, that my Korean speaking skills will let us survive through the trip! I'm going with Celeste and Chialing! Thank God for them if not there'll be no one suitable who's willing to go Korea with me!!! Yeps so I'm starting to get really excited at this point heheheh.

I'll be back on 23rd, and then I'm off again to Taiwan on 4th July with May and Alicea! Hahaha I'm funding half of each trip by myself okayyyy. My hard earned money!! Lol. So it's not a fully sponsored trip and I gotta spend my money wisely!

Oh, Brazil just made a second goal! Hahaha NK die liaoooo. I'll be rooting for South Korea when they play against Argentina on 17th! 대한민국 화이팅! :p

Okay, if you see this, please DO NOT SMS ME while I'm in Korea (16-23 june) and Taiwan (4-10 july) cos I'll have to pay extra for the smses I receive. Anything urgent just email me! Ok ok ok I shall go off now~byeeee.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010
All my life, I never thought or considered about this. All my life, I never had to struggle in this area. Now it's hit me hard and strong, I really am not as ___ as I think I am. Now I see how I'm being seen. It's time to lower my pride and do something about it. It's so hard, it's so torturous, but I just have to suck it up and do it.

Sorry that this blog is dead. But a good thing anyhow; not many will read it anymore, which is exactly what I want.

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Monday, April 26, 2010
My blog is dead. Hahaha, sorry :S
I will blog again, when I feel like it. Don't really have the blogging mood these few days. I think it's been weeks since my last post, is it? Heh. No worries, um, a good post will be coming up soon! When I find something good to blog about. Actually my life has been un-boring but I just don't feel like blogging it out.
Okay I'm ranting now. I promise to blog about the happenings in my life soon!

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Saturday, April 03, 2010
Had filming for Marilyn's pre-wedding video on thursday. One of the coolest experience ever!! If you don't know what a pre-wedding video is, you haven't been to a high budget wedding lol. The couples who patronise the wedding planners are those with budgets of like 150k. So anyway, Marilyn isn't a very rich bride-to-be but she's a wedding planner who just started out and so her wedding needs to be of wedding-planner standard too!

Anyway, I kinda wrote the script for her video and she engaged this video company, and this particular crew is made up of very interesting and experienced people. The main video guy was educated in Japan in film studies and he was there on SCHOLARSHIP okay. So cool right who gets scholarship to go Japan to study how to make films?!?!?! He's like very fluent in Japanese lah. OMG I also wanna like go to KOREA and like learn how to act in movies. Hahahah.
So anyway, his repertoire and experience include doing lightings for Japanese porn. o_o Like woahhhh hahahahha. And I asked him if it's weird to err watch the actors and actresses...act. Lol but he says it's not that weird. Haha okay I wouldn't wanna be in such a set man no way.

The sound guy is a very experiencedguy who works for alot of Mediacorp productions. And the other two guys are also very experienced people lah, no interesting background but they are all very professional. I see the way they work ah, it's like WOAH MAN. So detailed and meticulous. You know, when the camera moves from like one focus to another, they have to adjust the lens focus and they have to rehearse and mark the positions of the knob (to adjust the lens) and everything. Okay you probably can't picture this whole scene but just know that it's super tedious and I really respect their professionalism! You know, even watching the playback from the camera screen is as if I'm watching a channel 8 drama going on. The lighting, focus, movements and EVERYTHING is so PROFESSIONAL. Ahhh y'all should've been there!!

We filmed in the house first, so it was like super cool cos it was like a TV drama production lah, with the lighting, huge boom mike and all. And we moved on the film in Bishan Park. Wah best, alot of people walked past and stared at us. Got one auntie even came over and asked if we were like new actors, gonna appear on TV and all hhahah I WISH AH. And the last stop was at their own studio. We filmed from like 8plus in the morning till like 8plus at night. Crazy. And the video is gonna be like 5 mins? Haha imagine the amount of time and effort put in for MOVIES. Wow...respect man.

So now I shall just show you some pictures we took. Just a few, the rest are in my Facebook album so go take a look!

Filming in the house:

Trouble and Junior, Paul and Marilyn's 'sons'. No serious, they really treat them like sons. Trouble likes hor fun and Junior likes chicken wing. o_o
Hahahha there was this scene where Marilyn had to play the maid and serve us drinks while we played mahjong. She had to like stuff her boobs so that she can bend down and expose her cleavage to the camera. I was kinda shocked at how openly everyone just discussed about her boobs and how to make her cleavage more obvious :S I'll never let people talk about me like that :/ But if she's comfortable then never mind lah. Maybe it comes with age..? :S

Do you see the boom mike? Haha.

Filming at Bishan Park:
I was dressed in the SIA uniform. This is a real SIA uniform. Marilyn's friend gave it to her when she quit SIA. But it was too big for me so actually behind me was like 3 clips to pull the kebaya tighter lol. Ryna and I were calefares in the video. Random girl #1 and #2. I think my costume made it even more distracting for the passers-by. Like who wears the SIA uniform to a scorching hot park?!?
Cool right. Got reflector some more leh ahhaha.

Filming in the studio:

Marilyn's best friend, June, as the bride in the video. Confusing? Haha you gotta know the storyline lah.
Me, Marilyn, Ryna

Found angel wings in the studio's costume wardrobe and decided to camwhore with it haha!

Marilyn borrowed a wedding gown for the shoot and I insisted on trying it on! Heheheh this was taken in the changing room. Cool huhhhhh xD

I'm SO doing a pre-wedding video for my wedding. Don't care if my budget is 150k or 50k I'm doing it haha! So super fun man, and I'm gonna go all out in acting. Whoever wants to be my future husband gotta agree to do such a video heh heh heh.

Easter performance is TOMORROW!!! I had like 3-4 weeks to choreograph the whole dance but really THANK GOD for giving me such hardworking dancers! We really managed to pull it off I'm sooo glad. And looking back, I believe that the choreography was not done wholly by me, God really worked through me. I couldn't have choreographed something like that. It's my first time!! So yesssss, this is all God's work. Hope lives will be touched tomorrow! Service is gonna be AWESOMEZZ! :DDD

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Thursday, March 25, 2010
Wow this place is a desolate wasteland hahaha I haven't blogged in days. So sorry, have been really busy preparing for Easter dance and work and stuff, and I don't bring my laptop back from work, so yeah. And there's nothing really interesting going on in my life so I shan't bore you either lol.. Just that I'm choreographing Easter service's opening dance item OMGGG it's like my first choreography and it's the opening?? For COMBINED services omggggg stresss haha. But it's fun really and God really blessed me with very hardworking dancers so thank God for that!!!

And as for my job, well, there aren't any interesting events recently that I can boast about haha. Just that my colleague's wedding (the asst. wedding planner) is coming up on April 8th and I designed most of her wedding stationery! Like their napkin slips, menu, table number, etc. And I'm gonna be her emcee for the night wahahah. Her theme is fairytale ball kinda feel so we're all dressing up as royalty. Got my costume from Masquerade! It's a really cheap and good place where I rented my Egyptian costume for racial harmony day back in 2008 lol. Seems like so super long ago. My gown is really cool!! Got can-can! Haha stay tuned till 8th April thereafter to see photos! x)

Okay I'm actually blogging cos I'm waiting for my videos to finish downloading. It's for a SingTel event coming up! Next week got like 3 events. Back to an EVEN BUSIER life for me. See lah, I always have to choose the difficult and busy path. So me. But I secretly wanna migrate to New Zealand and rear sheep. Who's with me?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What do I do as an intern? I need to source out videos for the event. Let me start off with a totally random video. This little boy is SO CUTE. In Chia's words, he's a dancing bazhang hahah. And the other videos are just funny bad customer service videos I came across while preparing for the Stand Chart event today. Try to watch all! They are ALL funny!

If you haven't already known who Ms Swan is, go check out her other videos, she's VERY FUNNY!

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Friday, March 05, 2010
I finally understand why so many people work their life off just to hear a
"I'm proud of you" from their parents.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010
I guess, it's obligatory that I do an annual birthday post no? Well I think since this year's birthday is the first in many many years that I've spent out of school, so it wasn't really exciting..? Yeah I didn't really anticipate it like WAO MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING I'M EXCITED ABOUT THE PRESENTS AND THE WISHES yada yada. Lol. Getting old is not fun -_- I think as you get older, birthdays get less special, really.

But I did get surprised by unexpected gestures, as well as disappointed due to my own expectations. It's normal ain't it? But just wanna do a big shoutout here; great thanks to the people who made time for me on this day of mine, you know who you are :)

And thank you God for creating me just the way I am on this very day, nineteen years ago!

(P/S: Shall wish myself in korean hahaha. 생일 축하합니다!)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Hello hello. I'm doing a special feature post, it's gonna be all about the very first wedding that I helped to run! :D If yall followed me on fb, you would've known that the bride is Miss Singapore Universe 2008! And the groom is a Datuk's son from KL. Woahzz right? Hahahha it was sooper exciting! Gonna let the pictures do much of the talking.

Went to office first thing in the morning at like 8am to bring stuff over to the church. My other wedding colleagues had it worse, they had to be in the bride's house at 4am cos the groom had to step into the bride's house by 6.30am, auspicious timing or sth la. So yup, I just helped to set up the church before all the guests came.

Venue was the Armenian Church near Fort Canning there. It's a really small, cosy but beautiful church. The only bad thing was no aircon so everyone was raining there. Hahah.

The empty church. As you can see, there are only like 11 benches haha.
All the 兄弟 and 姐妹 lining up to enter the church. The flowergirls and pageboys were SUPER CUTE LORRRR! Ahhhh hahah.

CUTE RIGHT!! So pretty!

Bride and her father. I think he looks really cute haha.

I like this photo, so artistic hor? :D

Down the aisle. Here you can see the flower decor of the church. We often engage the services of this genius florist, Hari, from Boenga. His designs are super super nice. Later you can see what he did for the ballroom. WOW man. If you've got the monehhhh, please go to him and you'll definitely be satisfied.

The pastor was really charming hahahha. And the bride cried while exchanging vows. Oh man I'll really definitely cry at my own wedding!!! Lol.

After the church wedding, we packed up, went back to office, took the ballroom stuff and went to Shangri-la to set up. Yes, Shang again -_-

Cos the bride LOVES ball-balls, the florist designed a ball themed flower decor for the ballroom. This is actually the cocktail area. They had two of such 'trees', which had crystals hanging down and flower balls too. These flower balls are made of roses. Here is a closer look:

NICE RIGHT. See told you Hari was amazing.

The cocktail area also had FOUR large ice blocks. And inside, they froze their wedding photos. So it's like super super cool lah. These ice blocks are huge! And since they were double sided so there were like 8 photos altogether. So cool right! It's unlike the usual photo album for people to flip through. See, you pay for a wedding planner, these cool ideas are what you get haha.
The cocktail table in the foyer area. Still outside the ballroom k. Decor already super elaborate!!

Inside the ballroom:

The 18 tables surrounding/near the centre aisle were given elaborate table decor.

Hello, like wow?! Since when have you attended a wedding with your table looking like that?! So super nice lor can!! AND that is just a guest table. Wait till you see the VIP table. Hah.

The other tables at the sides of the ballroom just had the flower ball-ball on top of a long vase. Simple and elegant.

Guess what, this is the stage. Yes. It's a vision in white. More of those cool 'trees' with more flower ball-balls. Even the flooring was in white can, they covered it with a white felt cloth or sth like that. So cool lor.

The same stage, with a different lighting, and the wedding cake. FYI, this is a fake wedding cake with a hole to insert the knife into. This is Shang's standard wedding cake lol. When I attended my second cousin's wedding, the next day, at the same ballroom (lame right I know), I saw the same cake. LOL.

Better view of the stage from afar, and this is actually the centre aisle of the ballroom. As you can see, there are HUGE candles lining the aisle. Yup, they are real huge candles, and inside, it
holds smaller candles. So cool right.


Comeon, look at the flower decor. It's truly magnificient omgzzz. Sooo nice lah look at the centrepiece!!! The details!!! Sigh..makes me wanna get married lol. But I need a rich husband to be able to afford this kind of decor hahaha!

And finally, the general view of the centre of theballroom with the decor and lighting all done. So nice right. And the night hasn't even started yet!

They invited like stars to come perform la. It was more of a show than a wedding. You may not know them lah, but world-class violinist Dr Joanne Yeoh was there, she was super super pro ok her violin skills are like WOWZA. And Malaysian singer Juwita Suwito was also singing. Her voice is so so so amazing!! And they had a live jazz band playing music throughout the night. All their videos and photo montages were done by really really good professionals and the couple was so sporting! Their wedding video was really funny and well done! Haha. And of course, as an ex beauty queen, what's her wedding without a catwalk right? So for her second march in, she catwalked and sashayed around the ballroom lol.

I think overall it was a very very one-of-a-kind wedding lah. Only the rich and famous can enjoy this type of wedding. Even I personally do not wish to have such a lavish wedding, I don't even want a dinner. It's like, you're gonna have to invite people who you probably would only end up seeing again at funerals (in Flying Dutchman's words, which are quite true). But still, it's really dreamlike and fairytale to have such a perfect wedding. Seriously, you want your wedding to be perfect, get a wedding planner. And not just any wedding planner, come to my company hahaha! Eh we not bad k, won Singapore Tatler like 4 years in a row for best wedding planner haha.

So that's the end of my recount. Super memorable! And if you're wondering what camera I used to take such awesome photos, it's just a simple point-and-shoot CANON camera. Canon rocks, I'm a firm supporter!!! :D I didn't do a single touch of photoshop on all my photos at all. Only resized it so it's easier to upload. PRO RIGHT MY CAMERA MUAHAHA.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010
새해 복 많이 받으세요! :)


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Friday, February 05, 2010
Omg, I've neglected this space for far too long!! So ultra sorry people!! If I could I would dance Sorry Sorry for you now haha :D So anyway, let me just err update what's been happening, hopefully some with photos to show yall..

Okay what has happened so far? Oh yes, I shall start with err crashing orientation with the OG heads! This year, if y'all didn't already know, the SCs have decided to change tradition and instead of naming the OGs after VICTORIA, they named it VJSPEARCA. Don't ask me why how who and when. I'm puzzled too T_T
Anyway, I crashed with last year's OG heads! Feels good to meet up with them again :):) And we like camwhored in front of our respective OG colour. The other pictures are up on FB!

I swear this year's banner girl for the red OG looks alot like my costume last year LOL!

2009 OG heads :DDD (minus Aloysius, he couldn't make it!)

And a very random event. My mom brought home this monstrous BANANA from Sarawak. Omg la it was ginormous??!?! Look at the photo I took in comparison to my hand o_o

Anyway, on sunday, I went shopping with Celeste! :) Bought ALOT of stuff from Bugis, including two pairs of really nice shoes xDD So so happy :D And after that I watched Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (6 stars) alone. Well, I can sum the movie up in one word: artistic. Haha okay maybe 'abstract' can work too. I didn't really get the whole storyline while watching the movie, only when I came back and IMDB-ed plus wiki-ed it then I understood.. The plot is really nice I must say, but it wasn't clear enough in the film. Or maybe their dialogue was just too heavily accented. The acting was VERY GOOD. Hello we're talking about Heath Ledger, JOHNNY DEPPPP, Jude Law, etc. I actually watched it to see them act haha. Well, I think the dreamland visuals deserve praise. It was really believable and beautiful! But because I didn't really enjoy the movie that much and was left abit clueless at many parts, I give it 6 stars.

After that, I met up with Sef so that he could see the autographed SNSD and SuJu CDs that Tiong and Kenickie won from the Seoul Infinite Dream contest using our Nobody video!!! xDD It's reaaaal!! The autographs are reallll!! :DDDD All the SNSD and SuJu people have touched the CDs before OMGGGG. And we totally camwhored with the CDs LOL!! Okay I won't post much of Sef's photos here, later he paiseh ahhahah! I took with all the SNSD members (except Tiffany cos I don't like her) but I shan't upload all la. Uploaded Taeyeon's one on FB. I'll show you my pic with another favourite of mine, Seohyun! She's sooo adorable! Her personality is so cute la omg haha.

Erm, I'm gasping at their skinny legs. I heard a few of them actually went for surgery on their legs to make them more shapely o_o
Monday I had a Standard Chartered seminar and dinner event at Shangri-la. I tell you ah, I'm kinda sick of Shang.. Went there for prom, went there in the beginning of the year for buffet at The Line, went there for a meeting with a client, went there just today for company dinner at Shang Palace restaurant. And I'm going there on 22, 24, 25 Feb plus even more to come. I'm so sick of Shang! Lol I sound like a stupid rich spoilt brat right hahahha.
But anyway, it was my first full blown corporate event. Quite interesting and exciting really. But running around in heels was not funny. I was in heels since 4plus until 11plus. And I wore heels while walking up Orange Grove road, which is an irritatingly super sloped road, carrying all my barang T_T haisshhhh. If you actually wear heels for long periods, you'll be in great pain at first, but after MANY HOURS, it'll become so numb that it'll not be painful anymore. It's just numb and swollen. I hate wearing heels for so long T_T
And the event was so cool cos it's a seminar thingy for Stand Chart bankers, and I was expecting 30+ year old middle aged people. But no! The guests were all very very young! Like at least 50% of them were under 25 I'm serious. There was this girl who looked like she was sec 4!! REALLY. Like I was thinking, wow these young bankers shouldn't be much older than me and they're earning big bucks already. Cool man..

And on tuesday, I met up with the Clic Facis! :D:D Photos are in Ernest's cam. What else to say, had a great time catching up with them BUT NOT ENOUGHHHH we must meet againnnn :)

Yesterday we had an event in Ritz Carlton. Finally a change in venue! The ballroom in Ritz is nicer than Shang's one :D And the hotel felt grander I must say. Saw Sijie and Sihan working! Their job is SO COOL!!! The best part was they got to see F.T. Island laaaaa omg!! Sijie told me she didn't even know they were stars, just saw them and thought they were good looking. OMG HOW CANNNNN. AHHHH JONGHUNNNNNN!!
Okay. Cool down. Ahems. Anyway, the emcee was Adrian Pang and I got to take a picture with him! :D

As I mentioned in my FB captions, I'm not taller than him. I'm pseudo 178cm tall here cos of my 4 inch heels -_- I'm not a fan actually haha but I think his hosting skills are really good. Just don't really like him in "Polo Boys"..erm..yeah. Hahhah.

AAAAAAND finalllhyyyy. We had company dinner today at Shang. Free fooood cos company pay haha. The food was GOOD. And I had a great time playing with my colleagues' children. SO CUTEEEE! Photos up on FB!

OKAY end of my super long and overdue post. Speaking of overdue posts, I haven't forgotten my USA trip post k! Hahahhaha. It's a super long post la and I've no time to do it :( Someday k, it's never too late x)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
OMG. I just blogged this morning that there were only 300plus views. Now, at 3.40pm, there are a whopping 98089 views!!!?!?! o_o they sure are popular! Anyway the more I listen to the song the more I like it!

Update on my 'exciting' day, Melody came into the office just now haha. OK I'm like cheap-thrilling -_-

ate a chook sanger : 3:40 PM

Wao. Something mildly exciting happened today. I spoke Melody Chen on the phone, the actress that you always see on Kids Central. Hahaha I have her number LOLOLOL.

ate a chook sanger : 1:55 PM


My views: I think the song is quite catchy. Very techno, very Japanese and the concept is also very American. Are they trying to pull off another Nobody stint and get them famous in USA? Hmm we shall see. The video was only released yesterday, and I'm surprised at the low hit count on youtube, only 300plus? Maybe it'll start to spread on FB and skyrocket like crazy. Their new album is out this sunday!! I'm gonna order it :) So exciting haha. Can't wait to learn the new dances :)

Btw, thank you Sef for teaching me Sorry Sorry and Wedding Dress! Now my repertoire of Korean dances include, Gee, La Cha Ta, Chu, Mirotic, Sorry Sorry and Wedding Dress! :D I'm gonna learn Genie next :)

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